dijous, 16 d’abril de 2015


Our last day has arrived. We have been doing lots of things today. After breakfast we have gone to see the
Yorvik Viking Centre and we also did a workshop about how Vikings fighted and protected themselves with special metal clothes.

We have had our lunch in the same garden as on Monday and later on we have gone to visit the Railway Museum. It was sober and fantastic. And after dinner, we have gone to Knavesmire school to play some table games with our British friends and to say goodbye to them.

We really have had lovely time and we will remember our trip for all our lives. We are sad because we leave York but our hearts are full of love and emotions.

dimecres, 15 d’abril de 2015


Our third day was so exicing!
 We went to school and we did a phisical education activity and an arts and craft one. We had a lovely time with our British friends at Knavesmire school. We had pizza for lunch and some delicious biscuits. After that, we went to visit the York Minster. It was brilliant!!!

We walked along the city centre and discovered the historical streets and and their names. We came back to the hotel for our dinner. We had fish and chips!!!!

After dinner, we had a very special time with 30 elder people who are in our hotel, Wheatlands Lodge Hotel. We were talking with them about their childhood, their experiences and lives in Scotland and  England. It was a great touch heart for us and for them.
We are so happy to be here and having this experience in English.

Lots of love and kisses

dimarts, 14 d’abril de 2015


Today we've had a great day.
 After breakfast, we've gone to visit the Castle Museum. It was enormous!!!! We have been in a Victorian real class with a very rigid teacher. Wow!!
Our lunch time has been lovely in the Museum Gardens. And today we've had a surprise!!
We have sailed in a boat along the river Ouse.
We have been shopping along the main streets of York such as the Shambles and after our
dinner, we have been playing cricket with our British friends.
Our second day has been so excited!! We send you lots of kisses and hugs.