dimecres, 15 d’abril de 2015


Our third day was so exicing!
 We went to school and we did a phisical education activity and an arts and craft one. We had a lovely time with our British friends at Knavesmire school. We had pizza for lunch and some delicious biscuits. After that, we went to visit the York Minster. It was brilliant!!!

We walked along the city centre and discovered the historical streets and and their names. We came back to the hotel for our dinner. We had fish and chips!!!!

After dinner, we had a very special time with 30 elder people who are in our hotel, Wheatlands Lodge Hotel. We were talking with them about their childhood, their experiences and lives in Scotland and  England. It was a great touch heart for us and for them.
We are so happy to be here and having this experience in English.

Lots of love and kisses

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Pedrin ha dit...

Hi Sara;
I'm your crazy uncle. I hope you 're having a great days with your classmates in York. Enjoy it and you know that you can not go without taste the York's ham !!!!!

Marta Molina ha dit...

Hello everyone!!!
We are very happy to see as well as you are passing.
You are gorgeous in the pictures!A huge kiss for all and especially for Nerea.

Ernest ha dit...

Good morning, third day in York fantastic, especially the visit to York Minster and the lovely conversation with older people in the hotel.

Enjoy this wonderfull journey that surely will be one of your great memories in the future.

Remember that we trust you because "YOU CAN".

Ahh, as your oncle said, don't forget to taste the famous York''s ham.

Kisses and hugs for everyone and a very special one for Sara.

Elisabet Fo ha dit...

Hello everybody! Great experience for young and old people. Is like Cim's Project: els avis ens fan savis".
Sara, enjoy a lot and I hope to see you more often in the pictures, please don't hide!
Kisses. Love you. Mum

Yolanda Font ha dit...

Nice pictures!
Have a good time & enjoy yourself dear Alan <3

Yolanda Font ha dit...

Isabel from Calella '' ;-)

Yolanda Font ha dit...

Good morning dear all! Lovely pictures! Thank you very much for your daily reports! It's very important for us. Have a nice day and (teachers) do not eat too much! :) Kisses. T'estimo Ninu

Yolanda Font ha dit...

Good morning dear all! Lovely pictures! Thank you very much for your daily reports! It's very important for us. Have a nice day and (teachers) do not eat too much! :) Kisses. T'estimo Ninu

Anònim ha dit...

Hello everyone!
as you have fun out there?
butt today than tomorrow barcelona.
back to an experience the vill remember always.
enjoy tothe fullest.
the lovely photos.
for you LAURA as ever.
many kisses your parents .
we love you.

Susanna Vargas ha dit...

Hello guys!

Great idea, we have a lot to learn from ours olders.
Pol, sure you were happy with the pizza!
Fisch and comment :-)

Kisses from dad, Emma and I

Anònim ha dit...

Hello !!!
I see that you are very well. Click and enjoy many activities as possible.
The fun time with grandparents.
Many kisses to all and especially to the Roc.
Jaume and Montse

Santi Camanyes ha dit...

What interesting things!
I want to know how it was whith the scotish people!!
Ask them a lot of questions!

Carme Socias ha dit...

Hello everyone!!!!
You are very occupied during the whole day, it is fantastic!!
The elder people it was sure that they were delighted with you.
The photos reflect that your are very happy and that you enjoy the great experience of York.

To be happy and continue enjoying.
Lots of love and kisses.

A big hug from your brother and mine also.

Joseciabcn Ciagrei ha dit...

Àlex Sánchez Father's

They are having fun too ... they do not want to come back ..ja ja ja...

Anònim ha dit...

Hello all!
Hope you're enjoying the nice weather!
A big hug for Cristina from his dad!
See you soon!

Pilar i Jordi Familia Sais Roldán ha dit...

Hello everyone !!

Maybe you would like to stay in England for one more week. Wouldn't you ?

Don't think about coming back, have fun as much as you can.

See you soon !!

Xavier Fernandez ha dit...

We’re very pleased to see you every day in these pictures!
What amazing activities are you doing in this trip!
York is a wonderful place, isn’t?
We are very happy seeing you enjoying these days, but also we are missing you.
Fortunately you are coming tomorrow 

Neus: See you soon!

Juan Gavilan ha dit...

Hello Eric and co .... Today I saw that you have learned ckiket and ye been with a group of older people in Scotland. make the most of it is already. A big kiss your family

Eva Ramirez ha dit...

Hello!!. The photos demonstrate that yesterday it was another great day in york, of emotions and amusement. Nuada I hope eagerly that one explains his adventures in york, with this illusion that you always have, we love you
Sergi Papi i Mami

Anònim ha dit...


You are doing a lot of interesting activities there. We envy you!!!

We are sure you are enjoying these days in York.

Ricard, all the family are wishing your explanations of this amazing week. See you soon! Kisses from all of us.

Tintineador2 ha dit...

Hi there. What's uuppp? How's it going?
Quite funny those pictures with the discussion of ages. I hope you are having a good experience.
Evening, Nerea.

Ester Sanchez ha dit...

Hello everybody,,
This trip is about to conclude!!!
Today the photos are marvellous too!!
You are doing a fantastic activities in these
days!!! Enjoy a lot!!!
Pauleta, we send you a lot of kisses ang hughes!!!! See you tomorrow!!!!
Ester, Ramon and Marc

Joan Colomés Mª Carme ha dit...

Hello goalkeeper Pau !!
You is going very well and it shows in the pictures. Too bad thats is ending his stay in York, but we have to feel like you're home...
See you tomorrow, kisses and hugs.

Carles and Arnau ha dit...

Hello Pau!!
I am playing for penaltis at noon, luckily we are tomorrow.Kisses
Arnau and Carles.