dimarts, 14 d’abril de 2015


Today we've had a great day.
 After breakfast, we've gone to visit the Castle Museum. It was enormous!!!! We have been in a Victorian real class with a very rigid teacher. Wow!!
Our lunch time has been lovely in the Museum Gardens. And today we've had a surprise!!
We have sailed in a boat along the river Ouse.
We have been shopping along the main streets of York such as the Shambles and after our
dinner, we have been playing cricket with our British friends.
Our second day has been so excited!! We send you lots of kisses and hugs.

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Ernest ha dit...

Hello, nice pictures for a very busy day.

The weather seems quite nice and the activities very exciting.

Enjoy as much as you can,

Kisses for everybody.

Santi Camanyes ha dit...

This is all I need! Wonderfull pictures! Very impress whith the classroom,the teacher, the castle, and criquet. What a typical !
It must be very interesting. Enjoy it!
Improve your english as much as you can!
Kisses! Laia! and everybody!

Cesc, Laura and Santi.

Anònim ha dit...

Good morning boys, girls and teachers !!
We've all seen the pictures and are very happy.
We liked the criket?
Many kisses to all and especially Roc.
Jaume and Montse

Màrius Clapés ha dit...

Hello everybody!!!

I wish you a pleasant stay in York and enjoy this fantastic opportunity.

Best wishes!!!


Elisabet Fo ha dit...

Good morning!

I'm so happy to see you are enjoying this nice experience. Take advantage of it, it's a fantastic lesson for you!
Enjoy Sara


Anònim ha dit...

Thanks teachers to give our kids the opportunity to enjoy this great experience

Nice photos...seems yesterday was a really exciting day!!!
A lot of kisses to all and especially to Pau from all your familly.
We miss you!!!!����
Ivet, Ramon, Teresa and a loud Bup from your puppy Trip

Susanna Vargas ha dit...

Great!! how many photos!
what a beautiful place!
I'm really happy to see that you are enjoying and doing a lot of things.
Kisses to everybody
and a big hug to Pol and
greetings Emma.

Ramon, Mònica i Clàudia ha dit...

You've showed us nice photos! It seems yesterday was a fantastic day. We're sure you enjoying a lot. You are living new experiences and never will forget them.
I'm afraid you spend all the money going shopping.You wear many shopping-bags!Incredible!
Many Kisses and hugs for all, childs and teachers.
We wish today will be a great day too.
Bernat, a very special hug for you.Muaaaaaaaaa

Ester Sanchez ha dit...

Oooooooh!!! Beautiful photos!!!
You seem very happy!!!!
Have a nice day today too!!
Pauleta, more kisses and hughs from Daddy, Mummy and Marc!
We love you angelet!!

Yolanda Font ha dit...

Hope you are enjoying your self, take care, love from grandad and Aline. Kisses

Yolanda Font ha dit...

Hope you are enjoying your self, take care, love from grandad and Aline. Kisses

Yolanda Font ha dit...
L'autor ha eliminat aquest comentari.
Joseciabcn Ciagrei ha dit...

Jose and Montse ... Àlex Sánchez father's.
Oooohhh God !!!

Looking at the pictures ... really are very happy.

The school ... the city ... all very beautiful.

Have a nice day .... regards to everybody ...

fernando montero ha dit...

hi, boys and girls!
Yesterday was a very full day! The victorian class woud have to be done more often, even in El Cim...jeje (noooo, your teachers are so nice).
After see you going shopping so happy, you'll don't have no excuse to go whith us. Mum will be happy!
I am glad because this experience is a great lesson and you'll remember it all of your life!
I send you a huge kiss, champion! I love you, martí!

Xavier Fernandez ha dit...

Wow, wow, wow!!!
What nice pictures!
It seems that you are enjoying this experience a lot.
We are very happy to see you every day on the blog, please don’t stop to send us your news and photos!
Neus we send you an enormous kiss.

Eva Ramirez ha dit...

wooow! !! A very Complete second day ! , the museum , the boat, shopping ... !! I would like to be there! Jajajajaja Follow Enjoying !!Kisses to all especially for you Nuada !!

Anònim ha dit...

Good afternoon everyone.
That second full day more.
Keep enjoying and learning a lot .......
Kisses and hugs to all and especially to Marc and Maria.
Your parents Montse and Toni.

Pilar i Jordi Familia Sais Roldán ha dit...

I'm very glad to see you so happy. On the other hand, you are learning a lot, not only English language, it's a great experience !!!. Congratulations !!!

Núria Bote León ha dit...

Hello everyone !!
Very nice & Beautiful pictures. This second day have done many interesting things, the castle, an old class, some have been jailed ...
That you continue to enjoy so much and culture of another country.
Many kisses and hugs
Lluis TQ

Anònim ha dit...

Hello everybody,

Enjoy all the days of this maravellous trip.
Practice English soo much! You are a champions!!
Laura we miss you. A lot of kisses and see you soon darlying.
Carles i Eva

Elisabeth ha dit...

Very interesting things and beautiful photos!!
Laura, it's a great experience !!! you don't wasted this chance to learn English, culture and to make new friends.
With love Elisabeth. Kisses and hugs a lot!

Lluís Labòria ha dit...

Hello !! Papa that you do not go well eh !! Many kisses!

Lluís Labòria ha dit...

Hello !! Papa that you do not go well eh !! Many kisses!

maurihead ha dit...

A great kiss for my baby.Nerea
cucarachas enojadas...

juanitrujillobonilla ha dit...

Hi eric !!!!
looking at the pictures we realize how well they madness going on, the teacher seemed very serio..ja ha ha !!!
hope you continue to enjoy this butt ends soon , from here we miss you and we'll send you many kisses papa , mama and Ivet .
greetings to all .

mar planelles ha dit...

I give thanks to Roc that although travel is congratulated me , you you can see it very well

MªCarme Joan Carles Arnau ha dit...

Hello boys girls and teachers!!!
The second day was full, full of fun activities it seems that you are having so much fun and much more are practicing english.
A hug and kisses for Pau C.
I that your family loves...

Anònim ha dit...

Hi everybody!! Nice photos!
I'm glad to see you are having fun. Enjoy the experience and learn a lot.
Andrea Campos, we miss you a lot. Your parents and your brother.

Anònim ha dit...

What sites so pretty!
York is a very interesting city.
Enjoy the time you have left to improve the level of English and have new experiences!
And be good guys, if you don't want to go to jail, ha ha
A big kiss for Ricard, and best wishes to all students and teachers.

Anònim ha dit...

Hello, nice pictures !!

The weather seems quite nice and that's not easy in England

We hope the activities are very exciting.Enjoy as much as you can,

Kisses for everybody, but specially for our Laia Camanyes.

Your uncles,
Susana and Jordi

Anònim ha dit...

What????Pizza for lunch??? This is not a british tipycal food����
We are sure you are enjoying really very we can see in the great photos!!! Thanks for them...
And you had the posibility to practish the sentence "els avis ens fan savis" with a group of Scottish ones...incredible!!!
Pau, we miss you a lot except on Tv time when Ivet is happy to have all the time the TV remote to choose the channel��������
Nice to see you tomorrow ....enjoy all minutes!!!
Kisses from Ivet, Ramon, Teresa and Trip��