dilluns, 13 d’abril de 2015

The first day!

Today it's been an amazing day. We have met our British friends and we've spent all day with them. We have been talking in English a lot and we are proud of our first steps. After dinner we've gone for a walk along the city. Richard, a great tourist guide has helped us to understand the story of this great medieval city.

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Marta Molina ha dit...

Good days to all!!!!
Enjoy much of this one so nice experience!!!!!
We love Ours Nerea!!!!

Elisabet Fo ha dit...

Good morning to everybody! enjoy a lot and learn a lot of things in this travel. Sara, I missed you. In this pictures you are so happy. Well good!T'estimo precious!

Eva Ramirez ha dit...

Hi everybody!
We are happy to see his photos,
Nuada we are sure that these enjoying every instant of this experience, Take advantage Of It to learn very much.

Kisses to everybody especially to Nuada
We love you petitona!
Sergi, mami i papi!

Anònim ha dit...

A big hug to pretty Laura. Kisses. Your aunt.

Ester Sanchez ha dit...

Hello everbody!!
How are you?
We are sure that your are enjoying and learning a lot.
Pauleta, we loved you very much and we miss you.
Enjoy us much you can angelet!!
Ramon, Ester i Marc

Lluís Labòria ha dit...

Hello boys and girls and teachers.
What beautiful photos , I hope you 're not going very well.
Hugs and kisses to all of you for LLuís.

Anna Caurel Castelao ha dit...

Hi everybody!
I look forward to hear about you and yours adventures. What a beautiful pictures! I envay you! A lot of new friends in a very beautiful place! Enjoy it!
Many kisses from all of us and a big, big hug from mum.
Remember, ismu!

Juan Gavilan ha dit...

Hi Eric !!!
I hope you're having a great time, we received very cool photos, take advantage of this beautiful experience with your peers. ..
We send many kisses father, mother and Ivet.

Noelia ha dit...

Hi everybody!!!
I hope you're having much fun.
Silke live and enjoy this experience.
Have a blast!!!!!!!!!!
Mama, papa i Akane

Núria Bote León ha dit...

Hello everyone!
They are very nice pictures, I hope you learn a lot.
Kisses for everyone and especially to Lluis!

Xavier Fernandez ha dit...

Hello everybody!
What nice photos!!!! All of you looks great in this trip!
Neus, I hope you are enjoying this incredible experience.
Don’t focus on the meal’s  but the people, the culture, the language, your classmates,…
There are a lot of positive things to take.
Do it!!!

Laura Fuentes ha dit...

Hello everyone!
many kisses for everyone and especially for Laia.
That you hide in the photos? he,he
We wish you enjoy the travel
from Santi, Laura, Cesc and yaya Dolors

Anònim ha dit...

Hello everyone.
Very nice photos.
I hope you're enjoying this amazing experience.
Remember everything to tell us.
Many kisses to Maria and Marc.
We want very much your parents Montse and Toni.

Oriol Socias Garcia ha dit...
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Yolanda Font ha dit...

Hello! Regards and kisses from Elena for Marta and from Toni for Alan :)

Yolanda Font ha dit...

Hello! Thank you for the photos, they look all great! Regard and many kisses from Solsona for Alan from Dana, Pau and me.

Oriol Socias Garcia ha dit...
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Eli i Ernest ha dit...


Nice pictures, everybody looks very handsome and pretty.

Sara, we are very proud of you. We are sure that if you pay attention, as always, your english becomes better every day.

Remember you are a "crack" or better you are the "crackest" girl off the world.

Kisses for everybody and a big one for Sara.

Sandra Ramirez ha dit...

Hey guys and gals !!!
We are family Nada, from here we continue your adventure in York, wish you enjoy the most of this wonderful experience.
Greetings from Terrassa, Nuada especially for you :)
Many kisses ...
Tata, Tete, Candela y Alma.

Oriol Socias Garcia ha dit...
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Pol i papa ha dit...

Hello !!
What a nice and amusing photos !!.....Oriol I,m Pol, your photo with your new english friends Is funny....i hope you are enjoying a lot !...pol and dad

Anònim ha dit...

Hello everybody!
What activities so cool! Weather is also good.
Kisses for eveybody and especially for Ricard.
See you.

Anònim ha dit...

hello hadsome!
how are you?well not?
enjoy the present day
a hug for you all.
LAURA and many many kisses.
up son.
carles i eva

fernando montero ha dit...

Hello everyone.
Beatiful pictures! You look so happy and that makes me happy too!
Many hugs from all of us and big kiss for our champion,Marti.

Anònim ha dit...

Hello champions !!!
How nice photos with grandparents .......
Some sport is fantastic for relaxing, congratulations, what are you doing phenomenal.
A kiss for Marc i Maria parent.
See you tomorrow.

Francisco Valentin ha dit...

Hey cracks!!
What a wonderfull trip you are doing!!!
Enjoy every minut of your last day in YORK!!
See you soon!!
Kisses for everyone , Olga we love you a lot!!